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故事背景 General Background


“Chaos & Alliance” is a fancy type of MMORPG (Massive Multi-Players Role Playing Game) with no realistic background.



Marlis Continent, where is the main gaming story on-going stage, bears various species of treasure plants and live creatures, full of unimaginable magic and different powers with good or evils.



The players will choose to join one of the three most powerful countries Ash-Empire, Para-Heaven, Outer-Land which are within the scope of Marlis Continent.



Differ from most of the other games, in the story of “Chaos & Alliance”, there is no traditional background definition of the original beginning of the world and far ancient ages. From the sincere believer’s view of a religion country, you may find out in the game that the world is the paradise created by the Holy Gods created for the followers; while from the view of a touring hard-study visitor, the world was showing the cold-blooded face.



In the game, players will gradually know better their own side’s world view under the progress of their grades. Either to accept the existing information or to choose to dig out the more historic fragments. Players may choose to fight for their own team against the hostile side, or to stay alone to be a cool observer, or to be a  world-wide free traveler without any bound.



It is an mysterious world with so much inside and ahead waiting out-there, killings under love , challenges with opportunities, all are there for the players to explore by themselves.


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灰烬帝国 Ash-Empire


Ash-Empire locates in the south east of the Marlis Continent. In the chapter of long history records, there were used to be a land of rich land with various greens and creatures. While centuries ago, a wired and evil weather shadowed the land, the rivers began to dry out and the green-lands started to be deserting. The tribes started to fight for the fading lands for surviving with year after year.



Finally, Red Flame leader – Mutu who realized there was no hope for enduring the killing situation ongoing and began to stand up for uniting the major seven tribes by means of military force conquering and strategic political alliance.


帝国保留了七大部族的编制,但是七大部族也从此不再允许存在任何军事力量,不再允许持有任何武器装备。七大 部族成为了纯粹的牧民,各安一方。除了按时向帝国缴纳税负之外,各个部族的内部事务不会受到任何干涉。

The Empire reserved the forms of the original seven tribes, but with no allowance existing of the military force and equipment of any kind.  That turned the tribes into the pure herders for living within separate areas to hold peacefully.  The tribes owned their fate and administrations with no outside interferes as long as their committed the delivery of the taxes to the empire in time.




Mutu leaded all the warriors of the tribes and established an independent military force power——the Ash Force.

Mutu became the first Ash Emperor and committed with the other six tribe leaders under blood: the Empire only takes the yearly taxes and no interfere into the administration of tribes.  The seven tribes agree to nominate one representative respectively to form the Blood Alliance Body-Guards (BAB) to secure the Ash Emperor. The BAB and the Emperor are supposed to fight shoulder by shoulder and share the military force power. When the Emperor passed away, the one in BAB who has the most capabilities with best reputation comparatively would be the inheritor of the Empire.


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帕拉海文 Para-Heaven


Para-Heaven Vatican locates at the south west of Marlis Continent where are filled with pleasant weather, splendid land-sight, fertile land and rich sources of all kinds, regarded as a unique ideal land for mankind.



The borders of Para-Heaven is not strictly administrated, the merchants from everywhere may enter into the land upon the permission of approval to trade their goods and then out afterwards. While the Holy Land of the Vatican only opens for the local citizens to worship, for thousands of years there were no exceptions for the rule.



The government system of Vatican consists of four sections: The Vatican Court, The Arbitration Court, The Heterodoxy Judge Court, and The Knights Regiment.



The Vatican merges the politician and religion into one power, which gives the Vatican the ultimate power both in religion and politician, the Archbishop is actually in the supreme position in Vatican.



In fact, the Archbishop seldom interferes into the common society affairs and the previous Archbishops were even never stepped outside of Para-Heaven’s land in their entire lives.



The Heterodoxy Judge Court is the intelligent center of the Vatican and plays the role of foreign policies consulting function. Normally, anything relevant to Heterodoxy will be handed over to the court for handling and judgments.



Any lands where outside the Holy Land of Vatican will be administrated are by the system of enfeoffment and handed over to the different Knights alliance with the Vatican. The Knights’ regiment leaders are the actually masters in the lands, they oversee and handle daily military and common affairs in the regime. Once the Vatican call up, they must be obliged to lead their elites to the battle fields without any doubts and hesitation.


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先民之国 – 奥特兰 Country of Ancient People : Outer-Land 


Outer-Land locates at the hard bitter and extreme cold area of north east of the Marlis Continent. Starting from the words record history, Outer-Land is a series of iced and snow covered mountain lands. Ancients of Outer-land still rely on the magic powers to plant and raise the cereals and their children, and even establish their own cities under the hard environments.



Outer-Land has the least population and loose administration among the big three powers. Any volunteers who intend to serve the country will be evaluated by the records and graded as different levels as to appointed as executive administrators with different functions accordingly. The appointed administrators have the permitted rights to assign the resources and give orders with good intentions. The total number of administrators is never over 400 in general with the floating of different ages. The capital of Outer-land ——Ever Night City has a congress hall in the middle of the city and any administrators in the city are allowed to participate in the congress meetings and discussions anytime upon their willing.



The supreme round table power is shared by six persons and therefore called “Six-Person Congress”. The candidates of the six members are always the persons with most wise and best reputation in the whole country land. Once there is vacancy in the congress, the vote will be hold to elect candidates to fill the vacant chairs.   



In spite of the least population among the countries, people in Outer-Land are the most arrogant and self-esteemed group. They believe no Holy God and any other holy spirits, the only administrator of the world as they advocate is the human.   The military enforcement and the magic power are only the means driven by human wills to present in the world. They down-look the followers of Para-Heaven as group of ignorant superstition blind believers and the tribes of Ash-Empire as group of barbarians without brains.


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